Entrance fees for Ashgabat swimming pools

Over the past few days a major heat wave has hit Turkmenistan with temperatures exceeding 47 degrees Celsius in some regions.

In an attempt to find shelter from the heat, Ashgabat residents spend time at municipal swimming pools. Сorrespondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” has quoted entrance fees in some of them.

The most popular and affordable is the swimming complex located on the intersection of Oguzkhan and Independence (Garaşsyzlyk) streets.The ticket for adults and children is the same -10 manats ($0,5 at “the black market rate”).

This is double the price compared to last year, but it is the cheapest entrance fee for swimming pools in Ashgabat.

“Grand hotel” charges the admission fee of 150 manats ($7,5) for a two-hour rest by the pool.Guests can also buy 30 grams of French fries for 35 manats ($1,8), a glass of kvass (mildly alcoholic drink made from fermented rye bread) 25 manats ($1,3) and a beer for 15 manats ($0,8).

The admission fee to enter a swimming pool area in Ak-altyn hotel is 210 manats ($10,8), which includes a glass of kvass. French fries, kvass and beer are available for the same prices as in “Grand hotel”.

Entrance to the pool in hotels along Archabil hotel costs 100 to 150 manats ($5 7,5), despite the fact that last years the prices ranged between 40 and 45 manats ($2,2).

For instance, the entrance fee to the Mizan hotel swimming pool is 100 manats ($5).A bottle of Pepsi costs 28 manats ($1,5).

The recently opened swimming pool at the brewery is also popular among residents (located in the village of Yashlyk to the east of Ashgabat) although it is the most expensive.

The ticket price is 250 manats ($12,5), which includes a beer and three types of snacks.The period of stay is unlimited.There is a disco on its territory.

The average monthly salary in Turkmenistan, according to correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, is about 1500 manats ($77).The post Entrance fees for Ashgabat swimming pools first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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