Turkmenfilm Movie Premieres: In Commemoration of Turkmenistan’s Neutrality

Turkmenfilm Movie Premieres: In Commemoration of Turkmenistan’s Neutrality

A new movie made by the Turkmenfilm Association named after Oguzkhan will be premiered to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality.The movie’s title “Durmuş Kyssalary” translates as “life stories”.

The movie is about the modern epoch, achievements of our independent neutral country, ample opportunities and prospects for young people to receive education, to develop their creative abilities and to work.

It explores the theme following the lives of three young people.A poet, a sportsman, and a physicist-mathematician are true and loyal friends, who go through life together.

Each of them has a unique and interesting life story.The movie, which portrays the friends during adolescence, youth and young adulthood, is full of intensely interesting, touching and intriguing scenes depicting the characters when they do their military service, study, go into profession, have their first dates and get married.

The movie by young Turkmen director Arslan Eyeberdyev is about true and sincere friendship, love, good morals, patriotism, and high human values.It features talented young actors: Hangeldy Charyev, Annadurdy Tachliev, Akhmed Amandurdyev.

The movie also stars famous Turkmen actors, such as People’s Artists of Turkmenistan Chary Berdyev and Nyazik Kurbanova, Honored Artists of Turkmenistan Sulgun Tachlieva, Bayramtach Hojamammedova, and Yagmur Kurbannazarov. “Durmuş Kyssalary” will be premiered on Saturday, December 19 and will be a real treat for TV viewers.

It will be shown on Yashlyk Channel in the evening.The Turkmenfilm Association has already made three feature movies to mark the 25th anniversary of our country’s neutrality.

We have already told our readers about one of them called “Galkynyş” ahead of the holiday.It was premiered on Neutrality Day.On December 11, TV viewers were offered to watch the premiere of a Turkmenfilm movie entitled “Ýaş Köňülleriň Ganaty” (Inspired Talents).

We will give a brief synopsis of the movie for those who have not had a chance to watch and enjoy it yet.Directed by Batyr Batyrov, it revolves around talented Turkmen youth, creative labor, young people’s creative work, and their amazing and remarkable achievements.

The young generation in the movie is represented by central characters: a young artist, a choreographer, a poet, a sportsman, and members of other professions.The movie’s climatic scenes are the ones depicting the participation of characters in various competitions and their wins.

For instance, they win the President’s Türkmeniň Altyn Asyry Prize.This is one of the most impressive scenes in the movie.Notably, all the young actors playing the lead roles made their debut in the movie.

Among them are Aysenem Nazarova, Rashid Nazarov, Merdan Babaev, Sulgun Orazdurdyeva, Ogulsheker Kurbanova, and others.We would like to wish the actors more success ahead in their acting careers.

Yashlyk Channel will show a rerun of the movie ahead of New Year’s Day.

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