Nihao! The Chinese language is gaining popularity among Turkmen students

Nihao! The Chinese language is gaining popularity among Turkmen students

The North Chinese, or as most people in the world call it Mandarin, is the most widely spoken language on Earth. It is not surprising that young people are interested in this language, because knowing Chinese will allow them to communicate with people not only from China, but also from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Proficiency in one of the oldest languages will open up a lot of new opportunities for students to travel around Asia, negotiate with foreign partners, work and study in one of the most developed countries in the world.

Mandarin is gaining popularity among students of the International University of Humanities and Development most students choose it as a second foreign language.

“The Chinese language develops the imagination, as each hieroglyph carries a certain picture.For example, the hieroglyphic symbol of tree, if you look carefully, you can really see it says the IUH&D senior Aijemal Hojamuradova.

Learning Chinese is a difficult task, but it can be done if you work hard.When you start learning this difficult language, you not only develop, but also accept a kind of challenge: how far can you go in learning, because there are tens of thousands of hieroglyphic symbols in the Chinese language.”

In addition to Chinese, Japanese is also popular among students.Many students give their preference first to it, and only then start studying Chinese.This is explained by the fact that the Japanese language has an alphabet, or to be more precisely, even two hiragana and katakana.

You can use them to write down words, whereas in Chinese you are immediately dealing with the hieroglyphs that you need to learn.

But the reason why Chinese is called Mandarin is not related to citrus fruits.Many years ago, Portugal maintained economic relations with China, and the Portuguese called Chinese officials “mantri”, which in Sanskrit means “official”, “minister”.

In due course, Europeans transformed this word into a consonant with the Romance verb “mandar” “to give orders”, and later into “mandarin”.That’s the whole mystery.

Those who want to speak Chinese can get basic knowledge at home, as in the difficult conditions of the epidemiological situation in the world, language centers are still closed.

First, learn the simplest and most important words that will be needed in a conversation, and thereby increase your vocabulary.We must not forget about the tones, because depending on the different pronunciation, one and the same word can have different meanings.

In the Mandarin Chinese language there are four tones: the first is static, high tone; the second a fast-ascending, short; third descending-ascending; fourth descending from top to bottom.

You can read Chinese characters using pinyin transcription of Chinese sounds using the Latin alphabet.And in order to start writing hieroglyphs, you will need a lot of patience, and it is also necessary to study the table of radicals the singular strokes that make up the hieroglyphs.

Some of them have meaning themselves, while others acquire meaning only in conjunction with additional ones.

Watching movies in Chinese will also help you advance in learning the language, because this way you also remember the pronunciation.

By the way, one of ORIENT’s partners is China Daily, a Chinese daily socio-political newspaper published by the China Daily Group.

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