Seven Turkmen Oil Mills started producing cottonseed oil

Seven Turkmen Oil Mills started producing cottonseed oil

Seven Turkmen Oil Mills, which are located in all Regions of the country, started processing cottonseeds of the current harvest, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reports.

The period from December to January is a new working season in the production of cottonseed oil. Genetically modified additives are not used in the production of oil from cottonseeds, which contributes to the active export of the Turkmen vegetable oil to the CIS countries.

One of such Mills "Akhal" - is located in the Geoktepe District of the Akhal Region. Its product - high-purity deodorized cottonseed oil under the brand of the same name is popular among consumers and sales volumes also show it. Last year, the company produced more than 10 thousand tons of natural product, demonstrating a growth rate exceeding 110%.

In addition to the Akhal product, refined cotton oil "Ak Pamyk" (Mary) and "Akar" (Lebap) are also produced. Turkmenabat and Bayramali Oil Mills are the largest ones. Their design capacity makes it possible to produce 25-30 thousand tons of natural product annually.

Earlier we reported that the President of Turkmenistan approved the prices for the sale of cottonseeds to Oil Mills.

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