Tatyana’s Day Students Day

Tatyana’s Day  Students Day

Today orthodox Christians honour the memory of great martyr Tatyana.

The history of Tatyana of Rome brings us to the 3rd century a century of persecutions for the Christian belief, and Tatyana’s family and she secretly professed Christianity.

After their capture together with her father they were put into a temple where they were demanded to preach pagan idols.Without wishing to profess another’s belief, Tatyana started to pray to the Lord and Jesus Christ.

While she read prayers, idols in the temple dropped and broke.

As is told on pages of the Life of saints after that case they tortured Tatyana especially refined she was thrown into predators, they put out her eyes, burnt down with fire. Till last moment Tatyana continued to pray, and it seemed that she did not feel pain. After her death her father was also executed.

This day it is accepted to congratulate girls with the name Tatyana. This name is one of the most popular and favourite; it is considered that its owners differ with honesty, bravery and beauty.

On January 25 it is considered not only the day of Tatyana, but also day of students. This day the Russian empress Elizabeth Petrovna signed the decree about opening of the Moscow University. In one of the university buildings the house church of sacred martyr Tatyana was created, and she herself sacred became the patroness of Russian students.

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