The private companies make significant contribution in the implementation of the urban development program in Dashoguz

The construction of three four-story apartment buildings is conducted along Gyogroly Street in Dashoguz. Two apartment buildings are erected by the specialists of the individual enterprise Atalyk Gurlusyk, the third by the staff of the private enterprise Dash usat. Modern housing improved layout is built up by the share interest of future newcomers.

In the new houses are created all the necessary conditions for comfortable living.The total area of the three-room apartment will be 175 square meters, four-room - more than 200 square meters.

High-quality ecological building and finishing materials, as well as technological innovations will be used.A series of residential buildings is being built in the urban area with a developed social and leisure infrastructure.

In the administrative center of the northern region the construction of comfortable housing has become noticeably more active within the framework of the national reform program.It is built up both at the expense of state funds and other funding sources.

The broad attraction to the construction market of the region of domestic private companies increased the housing construction.Today they are building many apartment in the administrative center of the region.

The individual enterprise "Atalyk Gurlusyk" is one of the most active developers.The companies "Golli Bai", "Korpe gurlushik", "Sekiz yyldyz" also has proven themselves very good in this business.

Private building structures will be attracted to the construction of a large residential complex with dozens of multi-apartment houses, a school, a kindergarten, a Health House, a multi-level parking lot, and other necessary social, cultural and technical facilities.

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