21.11.2018 | Three apartment buildings - new additions to housing stock in Dashoguz

Three apartment buildings have opened their doors in the northern region’s administrative center with more than 50 families celebrating their new homes.One of them, located in the city’s Novruz-2 residential neighborhood, was constructed by builders of the Fifth Construction Projects Department, Dashoguzobagurlushyk Production Association.

Built with the use of modern building materials, the four-story house is comprised of 24 spacious three- and four-room apartments that are well-planned and well-designed.

Another two four-story houses were built on Shagadam Street by builders of Derkar Economic Association and an individual enterprise, Sekiz Ýyldyz.Each of them boasts 16 three- and four-room apartments with modern comfort and amenities, enclosed balconies, drying and storage spaces.

The new apartment buildings are now part of the emerging contemporary residential complexes on Shagadam Street and in the Novruz-2 neighborhood.Over the last few years scores of modern apartment houses and necessary social facilities have sprung up here.

Construction of new comfortable homes is well underway in other parts of the city, including on Dashoguz and Gerogly Streets.Among those attending the celebrations to mark the occasion were representatives of regional and city khyakimliks, labor collectives and public organizations, elders and youth.

Performances by performing groups brightened the event and added to a festive atmosphere.The best builders received valuable gifts.

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