Turkmenistan’s Dashoguz City to Build Over 80 Residential Buildings

Turkmenistan’s Dashoguz City to Build Over 80 Residential Buildings

More than 80 new residential buildings are currently under construction in the city of Dashoguz of Turkmenistan’s northern province Dashoguz. As part of the celebrations for Turkmenistan's 32nd anniversary of independence, three of these residential buildings will be completed and made available for use, the country’s official media reported on Friday.

Among the buildings that will be opened, there are two four-story houses with 32 apartments each, as well as one four-story house with 16 apartments. These buildings are being constructed by the company Atalyk Gurluşyk.

To date, construction is underway for a complex on Zaman Street, which will consist of 12 seven-story residential buildings. This complex will include five buildings with 42 apartments each, four buildings with 56 apartments each, and three buildings with 84 apartments each.

A new housing and infrastructure complex is being built in the eastern part of the city.This complex will cover an area of 71 hectares and will include 70 four-story houses to accommodate 1,496 families.

Additionally, it will feature a polyclinic, a kindergarten with a capacity for 240 children, a secondary school that can accommodate 600 students, a service center, and various other social facilities.

The construction of the four-storey residential buildings is being carried out by private companies Sekizýyldyz, Ykjam Bina, Döwürgurluşyk, Körpegurluşyk, Merdana Doganlar and Bagtyýarlyk Ýoly.

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