The state circus staff prepared the creatively and eventful New Year's program with tricks

The lyric and extraordinarily precious event "Snowflake" opens a performance organized by the artists of the Turkmen State Circus.All participants of the event, including a ballet group, wearing snow-white suits.

The trained pigeons performed impeccably the commands of Jeren Shamiyeva, the student of the Institute of Culture and Medina Bayramdurdyeva, the youngest participant of the performance, the fourth graders.

Liliana Yusupova, graceful air gymnast appears at the arena in the same snow-white tights.She elegantly rises on the ring under the dome and with inherent artistry performs the most complicated elements, keeping the audience in suspense for the whole number.

The culmination of the performance was a trick in which, holding the ring with toes, she greets the public in a spin.

Potpourri from works of Turkmen and foreign composers performed by the orchestra under the direction of Honored Cultural Worker of Turkmenistan Rovshen Nepesov effectively emphasized the atmosphere of filigree mastery and New Year's miracles.

Charming white poodles of the trainer Elmira Goshayeva, flaunting in elegant skirts, filled the arena with cheerful energy. They demonstrated their ability to move on their hind legs, or, making a stand, march on their front paws. They quickly and clearly performed the commands of the trainer and even danced the dog waltz.

Masters of clowning - Rovshen Melyaev and Pena Mamedkuliev laughably amused the audience with the number "Focus". Dressed in mysterious fakirs, they used an old game of thimble for original and funny reprises.

An air gymnast, the owner of the golden cup of the international festival "Echo of Asia" and the winner of the contest "Altyn Asyr" Parahat Orazlyev presented item on the program.

He literally flew on the belts to the circus dome and, cutting the air space demonstrated the most complicated elements, The gymnast fixing his legs with straps performed a dangerous trick, - with free hands waved to the audience from a height.

He behaves as if the earth's gravity does not apply to him.

What can you do with hula hoops?If we asked such a question to the artist of the original genre, the first-year student of the Institute of Culture Bostan Akmuradova, she would surely answer: "Everything!

She performed on the arena a dance with hoops rotating on her hands and body, composed of them an Olympic emblem, as well as a circle symbolizing the globe. "Cheers!"- The audience chanted to the talented actress.

The acrobats of the Galkynysh group performed with ropes. They impressed the audience not only with their dexterity, but also with an unlimited imagination in the use of this subject. The audience stormily applauded to performance of acrobats.

White horse by nickname Ak-Dag (White Mountain), completed the festive program.A horse with a wide back, on which up to four jiigits can fit, is very valuable for circus performances.

The jigits of the Galkynysh group led by the honored cultural worker of Turkmenistan Pygy Bayramdurdyev did somersaults, juggled with clubs, and demonstrated other wonders.The audience recognized Liliana Yusupova in the role of the Amazon, a fearless gymnast performing on the ring under the circus dome, as well as a clever juggler manipulating the flying saucers.

Laureate of the contest "Altyn Asyr" Liliana Yusupova, in addition to working in the circus, she studies at the agricultural university for a veterinarian.

The New Year's performance does not happen without Santa Claus and Snow Maiden...Medina Bayramdurdyeva goes to the arena and sings the children's song, in which she asks the main characters of the holiday to come out to the audience.

Boys and girls sitting in the stands join to the Medina.Santa Claus appears in the arena of the circus and congratulate all spectators on the coming New Year and pronounces the magic words: "One, two, and three!

Shine Christmas tree!The elegant Christmas tree sparkled with myriad lights under the flurry of spectator applause.

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