To transform the flood into an irrigation source: at the foot of the Kopet Dagh unique hydro-engineering project is built

To transform the flood into an irrigation source: at the foot of the Kopet Dagh unique hydro-engineering project is built

Miwe Open Joint Stock Company builds a large water intake facility in Kaka district of Akhal region. It is designed to keep mudflows from the Kopetdag Mountains and to collect them in a big reservoir.

The collected water will be used for irrigation of the fields belonging to businessmen. Thus, they plan to bring double public advantage to protect houses of inhabitants of the area from possible flow of flood and to promote creation of additional conditions for cultivation of agricultural crops.

The water intake facility will slow the speed of mud flows, preventing their destructive impact, a representative of Miwe Open Joint Stock Company commented.It is a unique project which does not have its analogue.

With its help we can probably store and uses huge volumes of water that will provide not only considerable economy of water resources, but also will lower influence of agricultural activity on the ecology.

Now the first stage of building of the project from four has been realised. By the project, the stopped mud flow will be diverted by a canal and will be distributed for further use. So, businessmen can store 6, 5 million cubic metres of water that will allow reducing its consumption from other sources, including the Amu Darya.

With emergence of a new construction in the territory of economic societies which are shareholders of Miwe Open Joint Stock Company, it is planned to lay new gardens and to grow apple trees, pears, persimmon, plums, peaches, almonds and nuts. Their species will be chosen specially for the local climate that will provide high productivity.

Fruit and nut trees will be irrigated by an automated mode. In the territory allocated for the open end company it is also planned to construct a banana hothouse, tanks for storage of water from mud flows and others economic objects.

According to the data of the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan for January-March, 2021 production of fruits and berries in the country has increased by 24,8 % as compared with the same period of the past year.

Expansion of the areas under new fruit and nut trees, and also use of innovative system of collection of water for their irrigation will allow increasing industrial indicators essentially.

Shareholders of Miwe Open Joint Stock Company are economic societies “Hemsaya”, Gok bulut, Miveli atyz and Datly mive. The construction of the projects that belonging to businessmen, is conducted in the territory of “Vatan” peasant association in the district of Kaka of Akhal province where in 2019 they were allocated 1200 hectares of land.


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