Turkmen nationals to be tested for infectious and sexually transmitted diseases upon entry to and exit from Turkmenistan

Medical institutions of Turkmenistan have been instructed by the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry to introduce “additional healthcare measures and ensure safety of residents” effective August in connection with the resuming of passenger transportation abroad.

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that according to new regulations Turkmen nationals over 18 entering and exiting their home country are obliged to undergo a medical examination in infectious diseases departments of hospitals and dermatology and venerology clinics.

Dermatology and Venerology Clinic of Lebap velayat

Medical certificates must be presented when exiting Turkmenistan. Those returning to Turkmenistan will first need to spend two weeks in a quarantine facility and then will need to contact the inpatient clinic at their place of residents to be referred to an infectious disease doctor and a venerologist.

According to a law enforcement officer of a Lebap etrap, district police officers will make sure residents are tested.Those who refuse to undergo the required medical examination will be fined.

Fines will be transferred to the accounts of police departments which issued the police report.These funds will be used to cover various household needs such as renovation, purchase of stationery and other supplies.

Healthcare practitioners have been unofficially informed that these requirements will primarily affect women.The reasons for the introduction of these regulations have not been explained.However, doctors assume that this is how the authorities will control women exiting the country because they might engage in prostitution.

If a woman was healthy when she left the country and she is diagnosed with a STD upon entry, she might be barred from travelling abroad again.

Before the COVID-19 restrictions had been introduced, employees of the Migration Office even arbitrarily denied exit from Turkmenistan to some Turkmen nationals.A young woman could face problems travelling abroad based on an unjustified suspicion that she plans to engage in prostitution.The post Turkmen nationals to be tested for infectious and sexually transmitted diseases upon entry to and exit from Turkmenistan first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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