Turkmenistan closes border with Kazakhstan due to the Asian Games

The international news agency “Kazinform” reports that from 5 September until the closing of the Asian Games foreign nationals arriving to Turkmenistan under a simplified entry procedure (using a visa-free regime) from Kazakhstan will be temporarily denied access to the territory of Turkmenistan.

“The border will be closed until 27 September 2017.The citizens of Kazakhstan, who permanently reside in Mangistau region, used the simplified travel procedure to enter Turkmenistan pursuant to the previously reached arrangements.

They are allowed to enter, exit and stay on the territory of Balkan velayat without a visa for the period of up to 5 days”, a lead specialist of the Government Revenue Department of Mangistau region Maksat Akmuratov.

A car checkpoint “Temi-baba” with the same-name customs station as well as the railroad customs posts being stationed there, is located on Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan border.

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