Turkmenistan expects the outside temperature to rise to +44 degrees Celsius

Heat waves are expected to hit Turkmenistan in the coming days.The outside temperature is forecasted to rise to +40 degrees Celsius across the entire country, expect the Caspian Sea coast.

In the city of Turkmenbashi the temperatures will be fluctuating between +38 and +45 in the forthcoming two weeks.

According to the weather forecast, on the hottest days the temperature in the capital will rise to +44 degrees Celsius and on the coolest day will not go down below +34.

In Mary and Turkmenabat the outside temperature is not expected to drop down below +40 degrees.

Over the past hundred years Turkmenistan has been experiencing a considerable increase in the average annual temperature.For instance, in the beginning of the XX century the average annual temperature in Ashgabat was recorded at +15 degrees whereas in the past years it has risen to +17…+18 degrees.

Uzbekistan’s hydrometeorological services have warned the residents about the approaching heat wave from Turkmenistan in the period from 11 to 18 July, which will cause the increase in temperatures up to +43…+45 degrees.

In this connection, mud floods might are possible, which might occur as a result of glacial melting in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

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