Ylkham Alley: New Year Inspiration and a Joy-Filled Adventure

With the New Year fast approaching, it is simply impossible to stay indoors in the evenings.As though spilled out by generous Father Frost, fanciful sparkling lights that have spectacularly illuminated the city invite everyone to be part of a makeshift funfair of positive emotions and magical transformations.

One of the centers of the festivities in the run-up to the New Year is Ylkham Alley in the very heart of the capital.Residents and visitors are flocking here from all around the city to soak up the atmosphere of a winter wonderland.

Walking beneath a striking lighted arch, youngsters and grown-ups find themselves in a kaleidoscope of amusements.Twinkly New Year decorations adorning the park landscape, truly original installations, smiles lighting up people’s faces, and even the fountains with colorfully illuminated jets that fancifully reflect in the water and look like glittering fairy lights add a touch of magic.

Peals of laughter and emotionally uplifting conversations intertwined with fine, lively music.A pops orchestra made up of students of the Maya Kulieva Turkmen National Music Conservatory was playing cheerful dance melodies.

Among the young singers, who have become special favorites with pop music lovers, were Aziza Agamuradova, Aygul Mashadova and Bakhtiyar Tachdurdyev.Many of those, who study at the Conservatory, came to the venue to cheer their fellow students on, having joined a traditional round dance around the New Year tree.

Photo and video enthusiasts add an extra layer of excitement to the atmosphere of general liveliness.It is really touching and heartwarming to watch little children pose for photographs with Ayaz Baba (Father Frost), his beautiful granddaughter Garpamyk, fairy-tale characters, and the symbol of the coming year, a cute mouse.

Stand-in photo props, cardboard poster boards depicting popular cartoon characters with face cutouts for people to be photographed, are great fun.How can little ones go past their favorite characters without even trying to be one of them?

It is extremely comical to see a boy putting his face through a hole to look like a princess.Much fun and even mischief and antics are most welcome in this wonderland. “The funnier and more candid, the better!” a festive guideline from kindhearted Ayaz Baba states.

Circus jugglers and a funny, playful clown, who gets along well with people of different age groups, perform on makeshift stages.Despite this visually impressive, sparkling splendor, some youngsters, who have a sweet tooth, may feel like eating delicious treats to make them perfectly happy.

They are on sale at a little fairytale-like cabin.Huge bunches of fabulously beautiful colorful balloons are on offer in all shapes and sizes for those, who are big fans of the toys.

Children and adults alike feel truly happy in the atmosphere of creativity and positive emotions!

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