Ashgabat plans to reduce ration pack deliveries to once or twice a month

Grocery deliveries are still not streamlined in Ashgabat because ration packs are delivered to different districts on different dates. The contents of ration packs often vary and delivery persons and shop assistants report inconsistent information about the groceries in a ration pack, and plans for future deliveries.

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that during the last delivery of ration packs an Ashgabat resident was informed that food rations would be delivered every 15 days, i.e. twice a month, compared to the previous schedule of three times a month.

The latest ration pack included sugar, vegetable oil, chicken or chicken drumsticks and eggs.Previously ten eggs had been included in the allowance whereas last time 20 eggs were delivered.

Residents hope that local flour will be added to the pack.According to a source at “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, flour has already been included in ration packs for residents of Mary and Nebit-Dag.

A packet of detergent was recently included in the food ration in some districts of the capital as part of the total price of the ration pack.

One ration pack is designed for six people. If there are more than six members in a household, they are entitled to two packs.

In order to receive a ration pack a family of up to six members needs to bring copies of passports and birth certificates to a state-run shop assigned for delivering ration packs to their district.

Documents for delivery of food allowances have been required since mid September.

If there are more than six members in a family, a relevant certificate №3 issued by the house administration plus copies of documents of all registered individuals needs to be presented to the store.

Without this set of documents no food ration will be delivered.Executives of state-run retail outlets justify this by the fact that they need to submit documents to the Ministry of Trade.

After their inspection the store will be permitted to deliver two ration packs to such households.

According to reports from another district of Ashgabat, the number of eggs was increased in previous deliveries, but there were no other groceries.Ten eggs had been previously included in the pack but their number was increased to 15, and 20 eggs were delivered on 18 and 19 November, 2021.

At the same time, there was no chicken, chicken drumsticks or sugar in the last two packs which are delivered every ten days.

It must be emphasized that in early September delivery persons informed customers that ration packs would be delivered to Ashgabat residents once a month, but despite this announcement, food rations are still delivered every 10 days.

On 18 November, 2021 Radio “Azatlyk” reported that since the beginning of November, 2021 one ration pack per household – regardless of the number of registered family members – has been delivered to private houses in Keshi, Bagtiyarlyk etrap.

Before November one ration pack was allocated to each family, which consisted of a liter of oil, a kilo of sugar, two chicken drumsticks and 15 eggs.There are about 100 privately-owned houses in the residential district with three to four families registered in many of them.

There was no vegetable oil was missing in the last food ration delivered to residents of the Parakhat-7 district.Shop assistants from state-run stores warned residents that from now on ration packs will be delivered once a month.The post Ashgabat plans to reduce ration pack deliveries to once or twice a month first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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