Isolated infectious diseases units set up in medical facilities of military units

Medical facilities of Turkmenistan’s Border Security Forces and Ministry of Defense have been instructed to set up infectious diseases units, which must be fully isolated.

Pursuant to newly-introduced requirements, conscripts and officers will get their temperatures taken twice a day in the morning and in the evening.In case a conscript or an officer has an elevated temperature, he will be immediately isolated, examined and treated.

If a patient’s condition is not improved within a few days, he will be transferred to a hospital in Ashgabat.

Military units restricted visitation by family members.

At the same time wearing face masks is prohibited, with the exception of healthcare practitioners, in military and border units.

Two quarantine units for civilians have been set up in a military hospital located near the district of Keshi in Ashgabat. They have a separate entrance from the backyard. This was done to provide additional beds in case regular in-patient facilities experience a shortage of beds.

As of today these wards are empty.

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