Turkmen artists present their best works

The exhibition centre of the capital hosted the exhibition of women artists on occasion of International Women Day. 90 professionals and students of the Art Academy and College, who presented their pictures, ceramic, sculptural, jewellery and design works took part in te exhibition.

The exhibition had an unusual start from the collection of women Jeanswear made by the design of Leyly Ashyrova, the first grade student of Carpet Artists Department of the Art Academy.

Leyly has decided to combine European with national traditions.First, the gussets with colourful gyols’ appeared on grey jeans dress.The experiment had a success and the artists decided to make something else.

Colourful portray of Turkmen beauty has appeared on the back of a jacket.Leyly presented several models of jeans wear.The author of creative collection was wearing one of exclusive dress.

Painter Lachyn Kakamyradova presented two pictures.At the first, Lachyn portrayed large Turkmen family, which has gathered daughters-in-law for a tea.Women had plenty to say to each other; they talk with joy, while one of them is sewing, another is drinking tea, the third is taking care of kids and the fourth is telling an interesting story.

The picture, which Lachyn named as “Daughters-in-law”, has an atmosphere of cordiality.Rich palette of colours highlights the atmosphere of joy.Lachyn has managed to convey the atmosphere of hospitality and cordiality by trivial plot saying about teamwork of hostesses in her work “After Celebration”.

Undoubtedly, felt mat “Corniche” by Tajigul Kurbanova is one of trending exhibits, which raised increased interest.Tajigul portrayed landscape plot on felt mat canvas.The row of houses, trees as if pictured by a child frame the seacoast, on which toy yachts sail.

Tajigul used bright colours blue, lazuli, dark cherry, which highlight the originality of work.From great number of pictures of flower theme, which is naturally for spring season, “Flowers” of Nasiba Azizova is the best.

The picture reminds of old works of Dutch masters, who used to use the play of shades skilfully.Ceramic plotters have significantly activated.Numerous of original vases had the exhibits next to them, which raised a smile like.

For example, it were “Teapot” of Aygul Orazmamedova and “Celebration Concert” by Gulhanym durdiyeva.Dilber Unarova has presented multi-figure composition “Cotton Pickers”.Each terracotta figure had bunches of cotton in their aprons.

Indeed, ceramic plotters have some fantasy!The most talented works of artists were awarded with special prizes.However, for many of them, this exposition, which helps to have a dialog with visitors, interesting communication and open emotions inspiring for new ideas, is the best gift for the holiday.

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